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An Introduction to Monty Python By Frau Newsreader Claudia Doren is a sketch from Episode 1 of Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus.


Frau Newsreader Claudia Doren introduces both the troupe and the special itself. She also includes a couple of personal details of the Pythons (height, maritial status etc.). During the introduction, the plain background she is behind gives way to a landscape of trees and mountains. Out of a nearby river come two scuba divers who come up to Claudia and drag her into the lake, as she casually continues her introduction.

In an animation by Terry Gilliam, two pepperpots are looking at a photograph of Claudia in the lake. A man in an evening suit comes in, announces it is time for something completely different and crashes a cymbal between the two pepperpots's heads. The opening titles play.