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Heinrich Bonner, Fleabuster is an animation from Episode 2 of Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus.


The herd of broiler made from a single camel isn't as interesting as a man, who is about to be documented on but silences the voiceover (Terry Jones). The man on all fours, inside of his house, stays still for a while as various noises are heard. Eventually, the man notices a flea and grabs it as it drags him into all corners of his house.

The man is Heinrich Bonner, a professional fleabuster, capturing and training fleas for flea circuses. He's also one of Germany's big hopes in the Olympic three-day flea dressage event. Footage is shown of Heinrich riding on his flea near a dog. The flea attaches itself to the dog, trailing Heinrich along as well. The dog rides off to München.