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BBC News is the final sketch from "Party Political Broadcast," the final episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


A newsreader (Eric Idle) reads silly headlines in front of a chroma-keyed background showing people drinking and dancing in the newsroom. He hands over to Hugh Delaney (Michael Palin) at Paignton.

Hugh greets everyone from Paignton before handing over to the studio, where a man with a snorkel (Graham Chapman) says hello, and hands over to his left. The Most Awful Family in Britain presenter (Palin) says hello, and hands over to his right, returning to the first newreader. He hands over to another presenter (Terry Jones) who will present part 8 of the series, the life and work of Ursula Hitler, the Surrey housewife who revolutionised British beekeeping in the 1930s.

It abruptly cuts to a title card saying 'THAT WAS A PARTY POLITICAL BROADCAST ON BEHALF OF THE LIBERAL PARTY' with Palin attempting to read it out through his giggling.


  • The "Ursula Hitler" section of the sketch was cut but was eventually restored and recreated (using available material) on the Network release of Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD and Blu-Ray.