Batley Townswomen's Guild Presents the First Heart Transplant is a sketch that appears in "How to Recognise Different Parts of the Body," the twenty-second episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A presenter (John Cleese) sits at a desk on a rocky beach and announces the results of the "Where to Put Edward Heath's Statue" competition," with the winner being Mr Ivy North.

Footage of the Batley Townswomen's Guild's reenactment of the Battle of Pearl Harbour plays and the presenter, now sitting closer to the shore, introduces Mrs Rita Fairbanks (Eric Idle). She explains that this year, they've decided to reenact something with a "more modern flavour", that being a dramatisation of the first heart transplant. She tells the camera that her sister, Madge, will be playing Dr Christian Barnard.

Mrs Fairbanks blows her whistle and five other townswomen (played by the remaining five Pythons) charge at each other, hitting each other with their handbags and falling into the sea.

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