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Beethoven's Mynah Bird is a sketch that appears in "Archaeology Today," the twenty-first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Ludwig van Beethoven (John Cleese) sits at the piano composing what would be his 5th Symphony. Next to him on a perch stands mynah bird miming, and Beethoven tells it "you won't fool me, I'm not deaf yet," and the bird replies "just you wait!" and laughs. Beethoven shoots the bird and it falls off its perch.

Beethoven's wife (Graham Chapman) enters and asks if he's seen the sugar bowl and leaves in distress when he shuts her up. His wife then enters later and asks if he's seen the jam spoon, to which Beethoven sends her out. When he finds the right note for his composition, he celebrates and tries to remember which note it was, and his wife enters, asking if he wants peanut butter or sandwich spread for his tea. Beethoven angrily yells he doesn't care, as he's forgotten which note it was. His wife then enters, vacuuming the floor, and the plumber starts to hammer.

Beethoven furiously announces he's leaving, and his wife tells him to order some pikelets for the Mendelssohns and Beethoven says to the camera "Shakespeare never had this trouble."