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Bingo-Crazed Chinese is the fifth segment of the episode "The Cycling Tour."


At the British embassy, Mr. Pither (Michael Palin) speaks to a Chinaman (Graham Chapman) who explains to Pither that the previous consul died and he is his successor, Mr Atkinson. Atkinson asks if he'd like a drink or a game of bingo, and Pither says he'd like a drink.

Atkinson seems to be making too much of an effort to convince Pither he is British. The two drink tea and eat 'Bakewells tart'. He explains he enjoys bingo, to which the other Chinese embassy workers excitedly, almost aggressively, agree to. Atkinson asks Pither to put in a good word about them to a smart bingo club in Cornwall. Pither is clueless as to what to say, but eventually asks him for help to get Gulliver back to England but the embassy workers instead repeatedly shout 'bingo', scaring him off.