The Black Knight

- It's just a flesh wound!- the Black Knight after King Arthur chops his arms off.

The Black Knight was a brave but kind of mad character guarding a bridge in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail and was portrayed by John Cleese.

The character is first seen fighting and killing the Green Knight. King Arthur comes to him, asking to join Camelot, to which the knight silently refuses. When he tries to cross the bridge, the knight stops him, telling him anything that tries to pass dies. After that, the two engage in several fights, each time removing a limb from the Black Knight. First one arm, then the other, than a leg, and then finally the last leg, with each time the Black knight taunting, wanting to get back into fighting and saying things like it's just a flesh wound. When the Black knight lost his last leg, he finally decided to "call it a draw." The king and Patsy then continued on, with the black knight continuing to throw taunts at them.

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