Conrad poohs

Conrad Poohs is the name of an animated face in a short sequence in the TV show Monty Python's Flying Circus. He was created and animated by Python member Terry Gilliam, who actually used his own face to create Conrad.


Conrad is remembered mostly for his "amazing dancing teeth" (in Scott of the Antarctic, the twenty-third episode), a display where each tooth in Conrad's mouth moves up and down like keys, and then in a more elaborate dance, to a version of the "Double Eagle Polka". After Mr Poohs's performance, he receives a congratulatory letter (firstly perceived as a telegram) for his performance which is promptly taken away from him by the postman, who is apparently moving backwards in time, much to his displeasure. This is the only time that Conrad's (very short) body is seen. The letter is traced back to its sender, forming a link to the Fish Licence sketch.

For the film version in And Now For Something Completely Different he performs in public, and is booed off the stage by an unimpressed audience. He is replaced by Terry Jones with a "mouse organ".

His teeth are seen in another animated sketch, where communism is compared to tooth decay

His face appeared also on Monty Pythons' single Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

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