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Court Charades is a sketch that appears in "The Spanish Inquisition," the fifteenth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


The judge (Graham Chapman) asks the foreman of the Jury (Michael Palin) to present their verdict. The foreman indicates two words and acts out the first word, "not" (acting out tying a knot), and the second word with two syllables, "guilty" (acting out a gasping fish to show 'guil' and a cup of tea to show 'ty') while the judge, the clerk (Eric Idle) and counsel (John Cleese) try to guess, but don't get the 'ty' part correct and the defendant is found 'not guil-cup'.

The judge then indicates four words and begins to act out "Call the next defendant" as the rest of the courtroom tries to guess. The next defendant, another judge (Terry Jones) enters. When asked for a plea, the judge proclaimed he is not guilty, the case isn't proven and adjourns the court. As they prepare to leave, the actual judge stops them. The counsel calls Exhibit A, Rita Thang and accuses the defendant judge. The judge says lots of the judges are moving to South Africa and begins to rant about his job, then sentences the defendant judge to be burnt at the stake. The defendant judge says "Blimey, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!" and everyone turns expectantly to the courtroom door.