Court Scene (Viking) is a sketch that appears in "Whicker's World," the twenty-seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


In Part III, Mr Birchenhall (Graham Chapman) gives evidence about the kind of entertainment he wants on TV. Policemen drag him away and the judge (Terry Jones) gives him 5 years. He calls the next case.

The counsel (John Cleese) calls Erik Njorl, son of Frothgar, brother of Hangnor and further titles as the clerk (Michael Palin) stands and calls Erik Njorl, son of Frothgar. A further voice calls Erik Njor, son of Frothgarl. The three voices gradually finish saying his full name as the usher (Eric Idle) enters addresses Erik Njorl, who sits wrapped in bandages.

Superintendent Lufthansa (Chapman) stands and reads the charge for petty crimes. Police Constable Pan-Am (this time portrayed by Palin) is called and enters hitting a few people with his baton before being wrestled into the stand. He tells his evidence but it is evident he is being made to get Erik Njorl in as much trouble as possible. After yelling his evidence, he is wrestled out of the court room.

After being unresponsive, the clerk and counsel suspect Erik Njorl may not be in there, so they unwrap the bandages to find no one in there.

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