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Dennis Moore is a sketch that appears in "Dennis Moore," the thirty-seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


In the quaint 1747 English countryside, a coach is stopped by highwayman Dennis Moore (John Cleese). He shoots one driver as he reaches for his gun, and threatens to do the same for the others, even though one of his two pistols is empty now. He goes off on a tangent, talking about how much he practises his shooting. The other passengers and drivers (Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle) dispute over which tree Moore is saying he could shoot. They talk about types of trees for a while before getting back to the raid.

Moore asks the passengers for all the lupins they have and the passengers are confused if he really means lupins. He orders them out the coach and actually finds a bunch of lupins, taking them and riding off on his horse Concorde. A chorus sings a narrative song (sung by The Fred Tomlinson Singers) about Dennis Moore (in the tune to 'Robin Hood riding through the glen'), showing him giving the lupins to the poor.