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Different Endings is a sketch that appears in "Michael Ellis," the forty-first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Chris Quinn (Eric Idle) complains to a salesman (Terry Jones) about the ending to the episode. The salesman tells him it was the cheapest they had.

He suggests a long slow pull-out ending, but Quinn rejects it. The salesman then suggests a chase ending. Suddenly, the toupee department assistants and multiple other people show up, and Quinn quickly takes off, with the assistants and the others chasing after him. Again, Quinn rejects it. The salesman then suggests a walking into the sunset ending before describing it, only for Quinn to, once again, reject it. The salesman then suggests one to tie up the whole Michael Ellis thing, but changes his mind and suggests a happy ending, in which a woman (Carol Cleveland) shows up and embraces Quinn, who asks why wouldn't he want that. The salesman soon suggests a cheap panel ending, with Malcom Allison (Michael Palin) and Brian Clough (Idle). He changes his mind before asking for a slow fade ending, but, once again, Quinn rejects it, until the salesman suggests a sudden one.