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Euro Sex Maniacs is a sketch from Episode 2 of Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus.


In a big city, we see Arthur Schmidt (Michael Palin), a top international economist, a government adviser on tariff control, a lecturer at Hamburg University and author of the Schmidt Plan for Transport Subsidies, chases after an attractive woman. Norbert Schultz (Eric Idle), a chairman of 32 companies and a fiscal theoretician, also starts to chase after an attractive woman. Professor Thomas Woitkewitsch, a lecturer on Business Studies at the Württemberg Institute and son of the famous industrialist, notices an attractive woman walk past him and walks behind her, slowly undressing.

Six men have just produced a controversial report for the Iron and Steel Advisory Committee of the Common Market Secretariat. As soon as a tea lady walks into the room, they bombard her, undressing as well. In Brussels, at the heaquarters of the Common Market, prices have soared as it now costs £10 for a half hour at a woman's flat and up to £20 for a hotel room with trapeze.

In Rome, agricultural experts have spent three weeks having a "good time" with some women and there's a rumour that when the International Monetary Fund meets the (then) next week in London, there will be a large amount of sexual intercourse.

To answer the question of why these financial experts are so interested in sex, they asked an oddly-dressed sociologist (Graham Chapman) with a goat, who believes they're probably confused.

A reporter (John Cleese) asks multiple rhetorical questions on the matter until he is hit by a car. The opening titles play.