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Face the Press is a sketch that appears in "Face the Press," the fourteenth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


At the zoo, the announcer (John Cleese) is sitting in a cage. He announces that it is time for something completely different. We pan across to the "It's" man (Michael Palin), also in a zoo cage. He says "It's" and the opening titles play,

The presenter of 'Face the Press' (Eric Idle) introduces the Minister for Home Affairs (Graham Chapman) and describes his lavish outfit, and a small patch of brown liquid.

He asks the Minister about his thoughts on the little progress of his aim to build more houses in the Greater London area. The Minster says he would like to answer the question in two different ways, firstly in his normal voice and then in a silly high-pitched whine. The presenter carries on describing the Minister's outfit to the audience whilst the Minister continues to answer the question in his high-pitched whine.

The presenter then introduces the new head of Allied Bomber Command, Air Chief Marshal Sir Vincent "Kill the Japs" Forster (Cleese) who is in their Birmingham studio.