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Flying Lessons is a sketch that appears in "Déjà Vu," the sixteenth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Mr Chigger (Terry Jones) asks the secretary (Carol Cleveland) sitting in an open field if he could make an appointment. She leads him through a river where two men, Mr Jones and Mr Barnes, (Michael Palin and Graham Chapman) stand and converse, across a bank where Mrs Wills (Palin) is serving coffee, along a beach where a man passes the secretary a folder to take to Marketing, around a rocky landscape, under a large rock and under a busy suburban road where they emerge from a construction tent in the middle of it.

In an office, another secretary (Jeannette Wilde) leads Chigger into the room of Mr Anemone (Chapman) room, who is suspended over his desk, talking on the phone. He sternly orders Chigger to get up onto the table and flap his arms fast and jump. Chigger hesitates, then, obeying Anemone, falls to the floor. Chigger tells him he came to learn how to fly an aeroplane and Anemone mocks his supposedly posh accent. Chigger points out the wire Anemone is attached to and Anemone passes a hoop over his head to prove there isn't a wire and the two argue. A narrator (John Cleese) tells the audience the bickering went on for a while and introduces the next sketch two years later.