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Icelandic Honey Week is a sketch from "Party Political Broadcast," the final episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


The Pepperpot family watches the "Most Awful Family in Britain" show, with Mum Pepperpot (Eric Idle) being visibly angry over the Jodrells winning again before telling Dad Pepperpot (Terry Jones) to get his feet off the bread. He tells her he's wiping the cat's poop from his shoes (the cat in question has apparently made a hole inside the house's tattered walls). Young Douglas Pepperpot (Terry Gilliam) loudly protests he wanted to eat Corn Blasters before Mum tells him to shut up.

Dad then answers the door to a man (Graham Chapman) promoting the "Icelandic Honey Week". Mum tells him that Dad can't eat honey because it has a laxative effect on him. Dad then asks for some Icelandic honey, only to be informed that there is no such thing and that in Iceland they must import every single drop of honey, and that Icelanders are gloomy because it's cold and dark there is only fish and imported honey to eat.

When Mum asks him why there is an Icelandic Honey Week and no Icelandic honey, the man tells her that in Reykjavik it's dark for eight months each year, it's extremely cold and there's only fish to eat, and thus, administrative errors are bound to happen in enormous quantities, highlighting it's all a mistake, but that in spite of its pointlessness, the job at least keeps him away from Iceland. The Pepperpots then shove him out the door while a candidate for the Liberal Party waves at them.