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Job Hunter is a sketch that appears in "How Not to Be Seen," the twenty-fourth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Mr. Glans (John Cleese), a shifty-looking man with a mustache is sitting next to an 8mm film projector in an office filled with ex-military paraphernalia. He stares hungrily at the camera (presumably watching the preceding Ramsay MacDonald film).

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door, causing him to switch the projector off and hide it furtively under the desk. He then whistles nervously and points to the sign on his desk that says, "Exchange and Mart: Editor". A man named Bee, (Terry Jones) walks into the office, but much to his surprise, Mr. Glans immediately makes an offer of a fiver for his briefcase and umbrella. Bee explains that he has not come to sell anything but has come for a job. Glans offers him a seat, but as soon as he sits in he makes an offer to sell him the chair, a fiver and a pair of ex-U-Boat commander's binoculars for his briefcase, his umbrella and two pens in his breast pocket.

Bee repeats that they're not for sale and that he's come to apply for the vacant assistant editor's position. Glans relents and takes down Bee's qualifications. Satisfied, Glans offers him the job but then goes back into his sales pitch offering him another fiver and an ex-army sleeping bag for the items from before along with Bee's string vest. He even offers to allow him to start on Monday if he throws in his shoes. Bee agrees and starts taking off his shoes while Glans haggles with his secretary Mrs. Johnson (animated, voiced by Carol Cleveland) for two coffees and biscuits, finally trading them for two ex-army greatcoats, one table lamp and a desert boot. Mrs. Johnson returns to typing in her office, unaware of the cruel twist of fate about to befall her...