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Jokes and Novelties Salesman is a sketch that appears in "The Spanish Inquisition," the fifteenth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


From the previous sketch, Reg (Graham Chapman) answers the door. A man from the BBC (John Cleese) asks him to come with them to answer a door in a sketch they are filming. Reg agrees, and they walk to the van.. It drives away to the filming location.

The man says all Reg has to do is answer the door. Reg leaves the van and goes inside the house to open the door. The Jokes and Novelties salesman (Eric Idle) rings the doorbell and Reg answers it. The salesman presents his many products, most of which "breaks the ice at parties", and then looks expectantly at him. He tells Reg to say the punchline and Reg is confused. The Salesman awkwardly leaves the set, and Reg returns to the BBC man, who has forgotten to tell him the punchline. He reads the punchline himself and laughs, saying it was a pity they missed it.

The BBC man makes him sign a contract, then refuses to give him a lift back. He then asks if he can borrow his head for a piece of animation, and before Reg can answer, he is taken away by three other BBC men who proceed to saw his head off.