Jungle Restaurant is a sketch that appears in "The Money Programme," the twenty-ninth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Four explorers follow a native, Onkwame (Omo Ade), through overgrown jungle vegetation accompanied by dramatic music. They arrive at a clearing where a restaurant is set up, as numerous other explorers are seated eating dinner.

Money programme 5

The restaurant

Mr Spare-Buttons-Supplied-With-The-Shirt (Eric Idle) greets the head waiter Mr Awkekwe (Michael Palin blacked up) who seats the group at a table, Sir Charles Farquarson (Graham Chapman), Brian Bailey (Carol Cleveland), Betty Bailey (John Cleese). As Mr Akwekwe recommends dishes, a gorilla grabs a diner and takes him screaming into the jungle. Mr Akwekwe goes to wrestle him back as the group continues to read the menu. He emerges from the jungle covered in blood and carries the diner back onto his chair.

The group orders avocado vinaigrette and Brian orders a quiche Lorraine. Meanwhile, a pygmy blows a dart into a diner's heart and Mr Akwekwe shoos him off. Tribal drumming can be heard in the background as the group continues their order and Mr Akwekwe informs them there may be some delay.

The drumming crescendos, mixed with close up shots of Mr Akwekwe's worried face and the depths of the jungle. The scene is suddenly cut to a BBC screen.

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