Ken Russell's Gardening Club is a sketch that appears in "The Money Programme," the twenty-ninth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


A collection of characters (gentlemen, naked women, birds, Gumbys) jump onto a large well-kept flowerbed and flail around in it, accompanied by Gardening Club music. The BBC voiceover (Eric Idle) says "and now, back to the story."

The pygmies have captured the four explorers (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Carol Cleveland, Eric Idle) and pull them roped together. They stop to admire the sacred volcano, Andu. Farquarson (Chapman) turns their attention to the forbidden plateau of Roiurama. Betty (Cleese) spurts out exposition on Roiurama but the group still can't see it. A native (Terry Jones blacked up) enters and reads off his script, directing them onwards.

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