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Ken Shabby is a reoccurring character who first appears in an eponymous sketch in The Naked Ant, the twelfth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. He is portrayed by Michael Palin.


A diseased man with a nasty cough, Shabby is loud and rough, not afraid to disgust people with his grubby appearance. He supposedly earns his living by cleaning out public lavatories.


In The Naked Ant, he is at his fiancée's house asking her father for his permission for her hand in marriage.

In The Buzz Aldrin Show, he is interviewed for a vox pop, and says he uses an aftershave called Rancid Polecat No. 2.

In How Not to Be Seen, he is an archbishop for Crackpot Religions Ltd., addressed as Archbishop Shabby. He says he's raising polecats for peace.