Killer Sheep is a sketch that appears in "The Attila the Hun Show," the twentieth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The camera pans down a WANTED poster for a sheep called Basil. Newspaper headlines say 'FARMERS AMBUSHED IN PEN', 'MERINO RAM IN WAGES GRAB'.

A professor (Eric Idle) looking through a microscope says in confusion that this is a new type of sheep, that can hold a rifle and aim properly. The assistant (Carol Cleveland) asks where they're coming from but the professor responds repeatedly, using different wording, that he doesn't know. The assistant goes to carry out tests on a wolf's clothing which the killer sheep was wearing and opens the door to a group of cricketers from the last sketch who ask if the third test is in here, and she sends them away. The professor sends for chief commissioner of police and the assistant slides out the chief (Ian Davidson) lying as if he is in a morgue drawer. He waves at the camera and the professor says "no, on the phone!" and looks out the door to exclaim in horror. He calls his assistant over and shows her a sheep on a greens screen, Arthur X (leader of the Pennine Gang). Arthur X, wearing an eyepatch, says in a rough voice "don't nobody move" and the sketch shifts into animation.

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