Lifeboat is a sketch that appears in "Salad Days," the thirty-third episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Mrs Neves (Terry Jones) is in her kitchen stuffing objects into a chicken when a lifeboatman (Michael Palin) enters through the back door and remarks on the weather upstairs. Mrs Neves tells him he's in a normal house. He goes back out and looks at his surroundings - a suburban back garden. Mystified by his discovery, he sits down to clear his mind while Mrs Neves goes to make him a cup of tea.

Two other lifeboatmen (Graham Chapman and Terry Gilliam) enter and the first lifeboatman tells them it's not a lifeboat, it's Mrs Neves' house. The two go back out and call "Ahoy there!" to the captain. It fades into a scene of two Pepperpots who can hear their shouting.

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