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Little Red Riding Hood is a sketch from Episode 1 of Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus.


A hitchhiker (Terry Jones) is on the side of the road. Several cars pass him. The Olympic runner with the Olympic flame (Eric Idle), still in bandages and with a crutch, gives the man a piggyback ride.

In the forest behind them is a little house. A narrator explains how the house belonged to a woodcutter (Graham Chapman), his wife (Idle) and their daughter, Little Red Riding Hood. Red (John Cleese) is shown to be a gruff, 6 foot tall girl.

In the forest lived a "vicious" wolf (shown to simply be a nervous dachshund in a wolf-skin rug). One day, while Red was out taking things to her grandmother, the wolf saw Red and thought of her as delicious. A badly dubbed over conversation between Red and the wolf ensues.

The wolf then went off to Red's grandmother's house and knocked on the door. Grandmother didn't come out but instead Buzz Aldrin. The wolf hadn't wandered to grandmother's house but the Headquarters of NASA. The wolf was shot by the security guards.

Meanwhile, Red is out picking flowers and doesn't notice Heinz (Jones), the Stuttgart Rapist. Heinz had accidentally assaulted only pine trees that morning and was pleased to find a living thing. Heinz is hung from the trees by Red. The other forest rapists have heard of this and come to cut him down.

In the end, the woodcutter and his wife sold their story to Der Spiegel for 40,000 DM, NASA agreed to limit the use of chemical propellants in unmanned launching from Red's grandmother's house and Red became Telefunken's sales representative to the United Arab Republic. She currently lives in Cairo's El Akra district.

Red is offered many dirty items from an Arab (Jones) until the Arab offers pictures of Albrecht Dürer. The documentary on Dürer restarts and is rewritten to make Dürer an Arab. Red refuses the offer.

Meanwhile, the hitchhiker, revealed to be Heinz, is still getting a piggyback ride from the Olympic runner. Heinz gets off from the runner and walks into the trees. He rapidly sets himself up.