Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus (literally "Monty Python's Flying Circus") was a pair of Monty Python specials produced for German television. It was produced by Alfred Biolek, who is better known in Germany as a talk show host. The first was done almost entirely in German, and featured translations of familiar Monty Python sketches. The second was done mostly in English and featured a great deal of new material. Both specials were shot entirely on film.

Most of the film interludes in Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl are from Fliegender Zirkus. In addition, much of the material on Monty Python's later albums such as Monty Python's Matching Tie and Hankerchief were adapted from the second special.

The specials have rarely been seen on American television and are generally not available in DVD or VHS compilations. They are available in special compilations of material and are available in DVD.

Most of the Pythons were fluent in German and handled their lines brilliantly during the first German episode. A notable exception was Terry Jones who performed most of his material phonetically.

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