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Mouse Reserve/Fish Park is a sketch from Episode 2 of Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus.


A voiceover (Terry Jones) explains how sycophants (sea lions) are one of the largest of marine carnivores and how their soft, furry underbellies made them a favourite target for hunters. In the present day, however, the sycophants come to breed every summer, protected by law. They're not the only species that's extinction was saved by humans.

In Frank Tutankhamen's (Jones) 4.000 acre nature reserve in Southern Bavaria, he has dedicated his life to preserving mice. His nearby neighbour, Mrs. Betty Weiss (Terry Gilliam), is interviewed (she simply says "hello" and the interviewer says "hello" back). Tutankhamen guides us to where his eight mice are. Some have questioned why he only preserves eight white mice in a 4.000 acre nature reserve when there are 60,000,000 of them in Stuttgart alone.

"The Sycophancy Show" presenter (Eric Idle) says it'll be a few more minutes until they'll be back (meanwhile, Norman Thromby has turned into a sea lion).

The voiceover says that Tutankhamen us undaunted by criticism and has recently opened a National Fish Park, which is 600 acres of pasture and woodland where fish wander freely. The fish wardens work hard but that year, the park only had six visitors. The Peruvian Minister of Pensions (Idle) was asked why the park had little visitors. He had no clue.

Every Monday, Tutankhamen rides into Big Pieps Ranch to count his herd, taking with him three of his most tough mouse boys. Footage of a cowboy (Gilliam) roping his lasso around a mouse is shown. If it's a mouse Tutankhamen hasn't seen before, it’s taken back to the ranch, broken in by a mouse boy and branded with an S.

Meanwhile, a cowboy (Jones) is thrown out of a saloon. He gets his saddle and is about to ride his mice, before he hears a stamping noise. He alerts the mouse boys in the saloon that there's a mouse stampede.

In an animation by Gilliam, the mouse stampede is shown in full action, knocking over multiple buildings and frightening multiple mouse boys.