Mr Neutron sitting down for tea.

"Mr Neutron" is the forty-fourth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. The episode is about Mr Neutron (Graham Chapman).


Mr Neutron is the most powerful and dangerous being in the universe. He is able to destroy galaxies with his wrist and tear fruit machines apart with his eyeballs. He was also under close surveillance by the U.S. Government, which causes him to escape to a suburban area in England. While in hiding, he falls in love with his future bride Mrs Scum. Yet when he proposes the American government, unaware of Mr Neutron's location, starts a nuclear war plan consisting of blowing up every country on the planet, which eventually destroys Earth. Still, the couple managed to escape.

In "The Atilla the Hun Show," Mrs Scum already appeared as a character with the same name.


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