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Mr and Mrs Git is a sketch that appears in "Archaeology Today," the twenty-first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


At a cocktail party, the host (Graham Chapman) introduces John Stokes (Michael Palin) to his next-door neighbour, A Snivelling Little Rat-faced Git (Terry Jones). The host leaves the two to mingle, and Git tells John he knows what he was thinking and laughs about having a surname called Git. John cautiously laughs along.

He introduces his wife, Dreary Fat Boring Old (John Cleese). John's wife Norah Jane (Carol Cleveland) enters and John nervously introduces her to the Gits. Norah assures them their surname isn't that bad, but A Snivelling Little Rat-faced tells them how the kids, Dirty Lying Little Two-faced and Ghastly Spotty Horrible Vicious Little, get laughed at. Dreary Fat Boring Old vomits into her handbag.

John asks if they live round here, and A Snivelling Little Rat-faced tells them how they've just had their house painted with warm pus, with vomit and catarrh smeared over the front door. The Stokes, disgusted, head to the front door quickly and A Snivelling Little Rat-faced invite their family over to Ghastly Spotted Cross-eyed's disembowelling birthday party.

The scene cuts and a voiceover says "And now a nice version of that same sketch."

The host introduces John to Mr Watson (Jones). A nun (Cleveland) tells the camera "I preferred the dirty version." and a boxer (Terry Gilliam) jumps on screen and knocks her out.