Mrs N*gger-Baiter Explodes is a sketch that appears in "Mr and Mrs Brian Norris' Ford Popular," the twenty-eighth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Two ladies sit in a sitting room looking through a photo album. Mrs N*gger-Baiter (Michael Palin) coos over Mrs Shazam's (Terry Jones) son. Her grown son (John Cleese) enters and greets the women. The women believe he is a still a young child, with the son repressing his annoyance at Mrs N*gger-Baiter's baby talk. He tells her he's the minister for overseas development. She waves a rattle in his face and leaves then explodes, leaving a pile of rag clothes. Mrs Shazam, initially upset, gets over her best friend's death as her son says things explode every day.

The doorbell rings and a vicar enters.

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