Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre is a sketch that appears in "Whicker's World," the twenty-seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Mrs Premise (John Cleese) and Mrs Conclusion (Graham Chapman) meet in the laundrette and discuss their activities. Mrs Premise has buried her cat alive and Mrs Conclusion is going to take her budgie to the vet to get it put down because she doesn't like it. The old woman from the previous animation passes by as the two woman say "Good morning Mrs Cut-out". They debate Jean-Paul Sartre's work and decide to ask him to settle it. They call him but his wife picks up, who Mrs Premise converses in French with but Jean-Paul isn't free.

Later, the two women are sailing on a raft were they arrive at North Malden and suspect he may not live there. A Whicker (Eric Idle) strolls on screen in front of a North Malden sign and describes its thriving economy. It suddenly cuts back to the BBC head of drama (Cleese) who is speaking on the phone about similar problems with the Icelandic Saga and introduces 'Njorl's Saga Part IV' again. However, Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion walk on screen again saying they're not in Paris, but Iceland. They leave on their raft again. They eventually arrive at a French house and are let in to Jean-Paul's apartment.

They meet Mrs Sartre (Michael Palin) who is housecleaning. They meet Jean-Paul and he solves their debate with a simple 'out'. The women leave and 'The End' is shown on screen.

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