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Old Lady Snoopers is a sketch that appears in "Salad Days," the thirty-third episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Gladys (John Cleese) and Enid (Eric Idle) hear the lifeboatmen call out from Number 24 while in a house with some surveillance equipment. Enid tells Gladys to get it on the five inch telescope, but she has it on Number 13 before she tells her about a neighbour's return from the doctor. Gladys soon puts twelve inch on Number 24, briefly asking Enid to move the curtain.

Back in Number 24, the kitchen is filled with many seamen talking amongst themselves before Mrs Neves (Terry Jones) asks them if they want some fruitcake, and they comply, while also planning on getting macaroons and leaves. She is somehow soon on a lifeboat before calling out to down below and Mrs Edwards (Graham Chapman) comes out as Mrs Neves places her order, but Mrs Edwards tells her there are no macaroons before offering a vanilla sponge cake, and she accepts. Briefly throwing cup cakes to a trawler that ordered them, Mrs Edwards hands Mrs Neves' order to her, and she tells her she'll pay her at the end of the week. The Ark Royal soon shows up and Mrs Edwards asks Doris (Cleese) if their rock buns are ready, and she hands them to her and another for HMS Eagle, which Mrs Edwards soon threw overboard. A naval officer (Michael Palin) soon emerges from the sea, saying he is from HMS Defiant and orders two set teas. After receiving the orders, the naval officer asks if they do lunches, but Mrs Edwards tells him they only do morning kippers and teas. The officer dives into the sea as the plate falls out of his hand.


  • During the filming aboard the lifeboat, John Cleese got seasick and eventually came up with the concept of the Cheese Shop sketch.