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Parrot Sketch Not Included - 20 Years of Python was a television tribute special to the Monty Python comedy group on October 5, 1989. It was hosted by Python fan and famed actor Steve Martin, who introduced several sketches from the group's TV series as well as some sketches from their German specials, except for their most famous sketch The Dead Parrot Sketch, as the special's title dictates.

Opening Credits[]

Steve Martin Presents

A Steve Martin Film

Steve Martin is

Steve Martin in

Parrot Sketch Not Included - 20 Years of Monty Python

Sketches Included[]

Deleted Sequence[]

According to the "autobiography" The Pythons, a new piece of material written and featuring the Monty Python members and Steve Martin was to be included in the special. In the sequence, the Monty Python members, dressed as school boys, ask Martin questions and take notes. The sequence was removed at request by the Pythons because it was felt to be unfunny. However, some of the members today wish it was included, as it was the last time deceased Monty Python member Graham Chapman performed with the group.

The Pythons did do an alternate version of their appearance, which is featured in the special, in which Steve Martin reveals that they are all in a cupboard. Chapman appears very pale and sallow; at the time the throat Cancer that would kill him was advancing rapidly. This would be his last appearance on television before his death, which coincidentally was one night before the premiere of the program.

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