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Police Constable Pan-Am is a sketch that appears in "The Buzz Aldrin Show," the seventeenth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Police Constable Pan-Am (Graham Chapman) refuses to listen to anyone and unrightfully insults the chemist in the previous sketch. When the customer (Eric Idle) points to the shoplifter (Terry Gilliam) but the policeman arrests him and makes aeroplane noises. The shoplifter denies and his friend (Stanley Mason) pokes his head out from under his coat and says he's a witness.

The policeman tells the chemist he'll "do him for heresy" and the chemist exclaims "Heresy? Blimey, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition" but the policeman shuts him up, takes a product, and tells him he's taking him down to the police station.

The policeman then calls Buzz Aldrin and makes funny noises and singing, arresting the customer. A BBC voiceover (John Cleese) apologises to the police regarding the character of Police Constable Pan-Am.

A picture of Buzz Aldrin appears on screen and the credits run as The Star Spangled Banner plays.