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Scott of the Sahara is a sketch that appears in "Scott of the Antarctic," the twenty-third episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


opening shot

electric penguin

Miss Evans

Triumphant music plays over a title card of the movie trailer and the camera moves down to an English seaside, with an expedition team, surrounded by dogs.

A voiceover (Michael Palin) announces productions by the same team who brings Scott of the Sahara: Lawrence of Glareorgan, Bridge Over the River Trent, The Mad Woman of Biggleswade and Krakatoa, East of Leamington.

He describes Lieutenant Scott's encounter with a desert lion. Scott (Palin) rips open his coat and it cuts to stock footage of a lion jumping at him. It then cuts to Scott, having a stuffed lion thrown at him and wrestling with it on the ground, and later, an actor in a lion suit. Shots of the epic fight consist of the lion holding a dagger, Scott stepping on his foot and eventually knocking him out with a punch. The lion neatly spews blood.

The voiceover describes Oates' (Terry Jones) struggle with a giant electric penguin and it cuts to a model penguin robotically turning to face the camera. Time lapse of Oates undressing precedes a mighty fight with the penguin's grasp. Oates takes off his pants, puts a rock in it like a sling and swings it at the penguin.

It cuts to film of Miss Evans (Carol Cleveland) being chased by a writing desk. She runs past a cactus and her coat gets caught. At more cacti, she loses two more pieces of clothing. She then runs past the BBC continuity announcer, who announces it's time for something completely different, the "It's" man, and then the opening title.