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The Cheap-Laughs is a sketch that appears in "The Nude Organist," the thirty-fifth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


The man from the end of the previous sketch Mr Robinson (John Cleese) enters his sitting room and sits down at the dinner table with his wife (Carol Cleveland). They're interrupted by the doorbell ringing, and find the Cheap-Laughs from next door. Mr Cheap-Laugh (Terry Jones) falls over and he and Mrs Cheap-Laugh (Graham Chapman) roar with laughter.

The evening passes and the Cheap-Laughs chaotically leave. The Robinsons return to their living room, revealing it has been trashed. Mrs Robinson sits on a whoopee cushion and Mr Robinson opens a cupboard, tipping a bucket of water on him. It cuts to Mr. Badger (Eric Idle), who says this is not an interruption. Mr Robinson sits on a stool, triggering a 16-ton weight to fall on him.

Later that night, Mrs Robinson complains about having to be like the Cheap-Laughs, and Mr Robinson vows they shall be like themselves. The set flips over revealing a presenter (Idle) sitting at a desk.