"The Cycling Tour" is the thirty-fourth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. It is one of only two episodes in the series that have a linear storyline, rather than a series of sketches. The episode involves a clumsy cyclist from Cornwall named Mr. Pither (played by Michael Palin).




  • This episode is the first episode of Flying Circus to feature a full length story.
  • Instead of the usual animated opening titles, the episode begins with a simple full-screen caption that reads "The Cycling Tour".
  • John Tomiczek, Graham Chapman's adopted son, makes a brief appearance as one of two children (other one being Graham dressed as a teenage girl) to ask for an autograph from a man (although not in drag) they thought was singer Clodagh Rodgers (Terry Jones, whose character changes personalities).It soon points out that the man now thinks he is Leo Trotsky. Despite his brief appearance, John Tomickzek did not have a speaking part.
  • The music that Mr. Pither is cycling to is the waltz from Act II of the opera Faust by Charles Gounod.
  • The song that the animated monsters dance to at the end of the episode is "Jack in the Box" as performed by Clodagh Rodgers.
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