The Lost World of Roiurama is a sketch that appears in "The Money Programme," the twenty-ninth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


In London at the British Explorers Club in the Mall, Our Hero (Terry Jones) asks the porter Hargreaves (Michael Palin) about Betty Bailey's expedition but Hargreaves accidentally reads his line. He gives Our Hero a telegram but Our Hero subtly points out in the script that he must read it. Hargreaves reads the telegram, indicating the group's having a brilliant time with good weather. Our Hero says he must go after them as something is wrong, trying not to show his irritation at Hargreaves' incompetence.

Back in the jungle, the explorers (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Carol Cleveland, Eric Idle) limp along, having reached their limits and they say their goodbyes to each other. Betty (Cleese) comes to the conclusion that if they're on film, there must be someone filming them. They joyfully greet the cameraman but Betty wonders that if this is the crew filming them, who's filming them now? The crew and the explorers greet the director (Jones) but he tells he isn't happy with the filming.

Just then, there is a knock at a door placed in the jungle and Inspector Baboon of the Fraud Film Squad (Idle) arrives, shoots Brian (Cleveland), and arrests the director for impersonation Signor Michelangelo Antonioni, an Italian director. He reels off a biography of Antonioni and the stylistic features of his films as the credits roll.

At the end of the credits, the scene fades and the BBC screen is shown again. The voiceover (Idle) introduces another six minutes of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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