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The News for Parrots is a sketch that appears in "The Attila the Hun Show," the twentieth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


A narrator (Michael Palin) describes how the Killer Sheep infected other animals, such as cats beginning to arrange mortgages, cocker spaniels designing supermarkets and parrots beginning to announce TV programmes. It cuts to a parrot saying "It's 8 o clock and time for the news."

The BBC newsreader (Palin) reads the news for parrots, such as none being harmed on a motorway accident and that a spokesman of parrots says was glad none were involved. He talks about the Minister of Technology meeting with three Russian leaders to discuss an airliner deal, and that none chose to go in the cage, or swing on the little wooden trapeze or eat any of the millet seeds. He then presents more TV for parrots, with part three of A Tale of Two Cities specially adapted for parrots.

He begins narrating the story and the actors (Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland and Graham Chapman) begin conversing in high pitched squawks and cocking their heads.

The newsreader begins to read the news for gibbons before being muted by another voice (Jones) who announces it's time for a parliamentary report for humans.