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The Nude Organist is a recurring character during the third series of "Monty Python's Flying Circus", and is portrayed by Terry Jones.


The Nude Organist first appears in Blackmail and Crackpot Religions Ltd. portrayed by Terry Gilliam before becoming a recurring character in the third series.

He appears in the opening of “Whicker's World" completely nude. He is also revealed to be the accompanist in "The Money Song" in "The Money Programme".

In "Salad Days" he wore a suit, only to end up losing it, and was accompanied by a nude orchestra. In "The Nude Organist" he wore a red robe while setting up with some crew before they realise that filming has already started. The crew remove his robe and run offscreen, leaving him wearing only a white collar and black tie with his back toward the camera, sitting at a piano to play a chord.