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The People's Front of Judea is a group of people shown in Monty Python's Life of Brian. They are Jewish people who do not like Romans and also the "Judean People's Front". Brian joined it when he found out he was a Roman.



Reg is the leader of the group and the rudest, as he snaps at people he doesn't like, especially people in the Judean People's Front. Besides that he is mostly shown thinking of plans and forcing his friends to do them because of how selfish and cowardly Reg actually is. He is played by John Cleese


Francis is Reg's closest friend in the front. He also hates the Romans and likes to call "Judea People's Front" members wankers and splitters. But just like everyone else in the front, he likes making plans more than doing them. He is played by Michael Palin.


Loretta is another member of the group. When we first see her, she is coming out to her friends as a woman and also says she wants to have babies. After that she is then mocked by Reg, who is frustrated about the point of his identification. She is played by Eric Idle.


Judith Iscariot is the only one in the front who likes Brian, and is also the only one who likes doing the plans instead of making them. Most of the time she is supporting Stan\Loretta and is the only one who realizes that planning out the idea instead of just doing it, has many flaws. She is played by Sue Jones-Davies