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Vox Pops on Aftershave is a sketch that appears in "The Buzz Aldrin Show," the seventeenth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Various people describe what they use for aftershave.

  • A Gumby (Michael Palin) says he uses a body rub called Halitosis.
  • Another Gumby (John Cleese) says he uses an aftershave called Semprini, and he is taken off the set.
  • The chemist from A Not At All Naughty Chemist's (Palin) says he can't stop as he needs to get to Kensington.
  • Cardinal Ximinez (Palin) says he uses not two or three but four kinds of aftershave: frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood but is cut off before he can say the rest
  • A man (Graham Chapman) says he has a cold shower in the morning before he goes mad
  • Ken Shabby (Palin) says he uses Rancid Polecat No. 2
  • The chemist still can't stop as he needs to get back the chemist's.

The customer (Eric Idle) is seen moving the clock hands 20 minutes on and the chemist arrives. The chemist leaves for the Aberdeen branch but the customer stops him and takes the crab tiger and almond aftershave. As the chemist looks for it, a man (Terry Gilliam) with someone hiding under his coat steals an item and looks away nonchalantly. The chemist blows his whistle and a policeman (Chapman) appears.