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Whicker Island is a sketch that appears in "Whicker's World," the twenty-seventh episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.


A Whicker (Eric Idle) is on a tropical island, starting a monologue. A second Whicker (Terry Jones) moves onto the camera and resumes his monologue before passing it on to a third Whicker (Michael Palin). The fourth Whicker (Graham Chapman) says the island they are on is Whicker Island. A fifth Whicker (John Cleese) takes the monologue, and then the first Whicker, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth again. They explain there aren't enough rich people to interview.

The Whickers present the whole population of Whickers who wear the same clothes and speak the same way. They interview Father Pierre (Graham Chapman) who is dressed as a normal priest but puts on Whicker-style glasses when he answers he stays on the island to be interviewed.

The Whickers wrap up the interview and the credits roll with each actor's name including 'Whicker'.